Can you manipulate a narcissist?

Attempting to manipulate a narcissist can be a challenging and potentially harmful endeavor. Narcissistic individuals typically have a heightened sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others, and a strong desire for control and admiration. Trying to manipulate them might not yield the desired results and can lead to negative consequences.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Understand the Risks: Manipulating a narcissist can provoke their anger, hostility, or retaliation. They may become more defensive and difficult to deal with.
  2. Set Boundaries: Instead of trying to manipulate them, establish clear boundaries. Communicate your needs and expectations, and be prepared to assertively enforce those boundaries.
  3. Empathize and Communicate: Try to understand the narcissist’s perspective and emotions. Effective communication can help in certain situations, but it may not always work with individuals who lack empathy.
  4. Seek Professional Help: If dealing with a narcissist in a personal or professional context becomes too challenging, consider seeking the assistance of a therapist or counselor who specializes in narcissism or personality disorders.
  5. Protect Yourself: If you’re in a situation where a narcissist’s behavior is causing you harm, prioritize your own well-being and safety. You may need to consider distancing yourself from the person or situation.

It’s important to approach situations involving narcissistic individuals with caution and focus on self-care. Trying to manipulate them is rarely a productive or ethical course of action. Instead, work on understanding and managing the dynamics in your interactions while keeping your own best interests in mind.

Do you know a narcissist? I will go first. YES, Justin Trudeau.

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One thought on “Can you manipulate a narcissist?

  1. You are right about that, keep in mind narcs are toxic, indifferent, as you said no empathy, you are not kidding, they are walking talking bio hazards, cold, sociopathic, phony with the illusion of virtue & holier than thou, or virtue signalling, being hyper critical & unappreciative, scheming traitors all the time.

    That is incompatible & irreconcilable to civilized people who dont need to be tortured & suffer from brain damage & attacks on their life & happiness

    Reading the riot act & ultimatums may help, when they are exposed & they know their game & tactics are known, there is a very high probability they will disappear from your life with all the deception lies and manipulation

    No doubt suffering from their diabolical mentality is like or is a near death experience and waking up & living without that would be heavenly and not the tragedy grief depression despair frustration and endless insults and accusations. Super lucky to get out and away alive, narcs are extremely dangerous, in power some are cruel & vindictive , real national security threats.

    Nothing like contrast & awareness, reverting or choosing to attempt to manipulate a narc, or anyone, is a waste of time like anyone who is incorrigible in need of a real change of heart.

    I am no shrink, only being more aware of that going on with people i know & fortunate to being much more aware of that going on.

    Live narc free

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