Are 5G Towers Harming Children? Unveiling Health Impacts and Radiation Risks

New findings from a peer-reviewed study shed light on concerning health issues among children exposed to 5G wireless towers. Three children and their parents experienced neurological symptoms– chronic headaches, severe stomach pain, and insomnia– after staying at a summer home just 125 meters away from a mobile phone tower housing multiple 5G antennas.

The Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports recently published a study that emphasized how the family’s symptoms disappearred when they moved out of their summer house and went back to their usual home, which was far away from any 5G antennas.

The emotional toll on the children was also noted, with heightened irritability attributed to the radiation affecting their senses. Dr. Lennart Hardell, a prominent scientist focused on radiation-related cancer risks, emphasized children’s heightened sensitivity to such agents, stating that chronic health issues might develop over time due to their prolonged exposure. He underscored the lack of extensive research on the effects of 5G, suggesting a regulatory green light without adequate safety verification.

Miriam Eckenfels-Garcia, who heads the Children’s Health Defense Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless program, criticized the prioritization of financial and and industry interests over children’s health in the deployment of 5G technology. She highlighted the adverse health effects that have been observed and called for cautionary measures until the full extent of the health and environmental impacts is understood.

During the research carried out at the holiday residence, the family was asked to complete a survey to express their symptoms. They had to rate the intensity of each symptom on a scale from one to ten. The results showed that all three children, who were four, six, and eight years old, had trouble sleeping and exhibited emotional symptoms such as irritability and distress. Moreover, two of the children experienced gastrointestinal problems and headaches, while the third child developed skin rashes.

Shortly after settling into the house, they began to experience symptoms that that disappeared once they returned to a place with much lower radiation.

Mona Nilsson, responsible for managing the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, showed significant worry about these discoveries. She highlighted the surprising appearance of such symptoms in young children, linking them to the rising exposure to radiofrequency radiation, which raises increasing alarm about its impact.

So, hwile we’re marveling at the speed of 5G, maybe we should check if our kids are secretly superheroes, tolerating radiation like it’s their training ground for some cosmic showdown. Jokes aside, it’s crucial to balance the need for technological advancements with safeguarding our little heroes from potential health risks. Hot take: If 5G gives kids superpowers, can we at least make sure it’s the cool kind?

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2 thoughts on “Are 5G Towers Harming Children? Unveiling Health Impacts and Radiation Risks

  1. Hello, 5G is a military developed bio-weapon, in addition to being useful for communication.

    5G satellites are the weaponization of space. 5G and all microwave technology are genocide weapons and you are right, they are at schools and in schools, the wifi environment and EMF causes problems everywhere and part of the depopulation agenda and is tragic & horrifying beyond measure. Schools are not content to dumb down everyone, pervert everyone, revise history and do “post modernism” cultural and sexual genocide, make them woke & broke, vaxxed to death, now more 5G to end all life and totally destroy reproductive capabilities in addition to all the other problems, amazing all the levels of genocide going on at schools. it is the worst place to send your kids.

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  2. 5G technology will be the next killer or should I say the silent killer. All they have to do is crank up the megahertz. Yes folks, it’s that simple come and that dangerous.

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