Does ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ pose a danger to humans?

Imagine this scenario: a gathering of deer that appear as though they have prematurely exited a Halloween celebration. However, they are not wearing any costumes; these creatures are sufferers of an unusual sickness called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), informally referred to as ‘zombie deer disease.’ Yet, this issue extends beyond just wildlife; scientists are expressing serious concerns and cautioning that this unsettling ailment could potentially endanger humans.

Researchers in the US have raised concerns about a concerning surge in cases of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) amung wildlife across North America, cautioning that this deadly virus might pose a risk to humans.

Referred to as the ‘zombie deer disease,’ CWD targets the brains, nervous systems, and other tissues of cervids, encompassing deer, elk, moose, reindeer, and similar animals. Infected animals suffer from deteriorating brains that develop holes, resembling a spongy texture, resulting in a fatal condition akin to the mad cow disease crisis of the 1980s.

Infected creatures exhibit distinct symptoms, including drooling, lethargy, stumbling, and a vacant stare.

The issue has been highlighted by experts as a slow-moving catastrophe, as outlined in a recent report by The Guardian. Dr. Cory Anderson, a CWD researcher at the University of Minnesota, described the illness as “invariably fatal, incurable, and highly contagious,” underscoring the near-impossibility of eradicating it once it infiltrates an environment. Scientists have observed that CWD is resilient against disinfectants, formaldehyde, radiation, and incineration at extremely high temperatures, persisting in dirt or on surfaces for extended periods.

Reports from the state of Wyoming indicated the detection of this disease in around 800 samples collected from deer, elk, and moose last year, marking an increase in infection rates compared to previous years, as stated by Breanna Ball from the state’s Game and Fish Department.

The current presence of the disease in Yellowstone National Park is causing significant worry. Dr. Thomas Roffe, a previous leader in animal health for the US Federal Fish & Wildlife service, highlighted the park as an important habitat for various types of large wild mammals in North America. Failing to control the spread of CWD could have serious consequences for the millions of people who visit Yellowstone each year.

A recent report by the US Geological Survey has revealed that the illness has been detected in 32 states and three provinces of Canada.

Although there have been no documented cases of humans contracting Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) thus far, worries continue to exist. The Alliance for Public Wildlife reported that approximately 15,000 infected animals were consumed by humans in 2017. Epidemiologists in the United States and Canada have expressed concerns about the potential transmission of CWD to humans, given its association with a group of deadly neurological disorders such as mad cow disease.

During the 1980s and ’90s, there was a well-known outbreak of BSE in the UK. This led to the killing of more than 4 million cows and the fatalities of 178 people who got vCJD, the human form of the disease, by eating contaminated beef.

Although experts have not made any absolute forecasts, they emphasize the significance of being prepared and ready for a potential situation resembling previous epidemics.

Hot Take: Are we on the brink of a zombie apocalypse? Well, not quite, but a disease affecting deer has got everyone on there toes. Imagine a world where drooling, stumbling, and blank stares aren’t just zombie movie tropes but real-life symptoms for deer. It’s like they’re auditioning for a role in a low-budget horror film, except this plot twist is happening in the wild.

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2 thoughts on “Does ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ pose a danger to humans?

  1. flakka in a future so called “vaccine” aka bio-weapon will bring that zobie about, in addition to the brain eating parasites and wait for it….

    If you follow the science of chem trails (related to cause geo-engineering & ( it would be a simple thing for an aircraft (piloted by enemies foreign and domestic) engaged in “acts of war” “acts of aggression” and “genocide” to drop ship such weaponized bugs, in addition to other chemicals and aerosolized “vaccines” aka bio-weapons” that would cause problems for the brain.

    If you talk to some hunters they may say that deer have one problem, elk have another, it may only effect the brain and it is not in the meat has scalar weapons that apparently can eliminate the famous pine beetle that kills trees, the asian long horned beetle, ticks and enemies foreign and domestic, including technological, and they are being deployed in areas to ensure the survival of species, bio-diversity and food supply chain for the exodus that will be possible for some, (along with remote deployable ancient advanced simple technology gadgets that eliminate radioactivity) along with the eventual destruction of 5G satellites and cell phone towers which are bio-weapons and part of the depopulation agenda, mostly everyone knows that, right?

    Certainly the globalist genocide maniacs would not want people to go live in the forest and survive living off the land, instead of eating polluted meat or fake meat bio-weapon available at your local grocery store or places like fast food, of which we don’t really name names here, everyone can do their own research and read what is on the menu…

    I wish I could write like you, maybe you can add another article, but then again, maybe not….

    as for fear porn, yes, keep people scared of eating deer or anything, or going into the forest, it’s dangerous, more dangerous than cities and towns with 5G and zombies around the corner…

    all in needed to know was in the Resident Evil series

    all i needed to do is in the Resident Righteous series

    it will happen, it is happening now…

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