Are The Globalists Delusional?

Ah, the globalists, those splendid designers of the grand conspiracy that allegedly runs the world! Dressed in their secret society bathrobes, sipping champagne in covert shelters, and outlining globe dominance over a game of Monopoly– or so the conspiracy theory theorists would have us believe. Lets poke some fun to this , shall we. read between the lines and judge for yourself OK? Keep reading.

Just imagine them currently, gathered around a huge  map, babbling maniacally as they move their pawns across continents. “Oh, Vladimir, you take Eastern Europe this time around, and Angela, darling, you take care of the European Union. Don’t forget to include some chemtrails for added flair!”

In their delusional fantasyland or {Reality}, these globalists are the masters drawing/pulling the strings of governments, economies, and possibly your grandma’s knitting club also. Their grand strategy? To produce a New World Order where everybody puts on matching tinfoil hats and speaks in a secret language only decipherable by gluten-free vegans.

Certainly, their power is so tremendous as they regulate every little thing, yet they can’t fix the Wi-Fi in your apartment or condo. Top priorities, folks! Possibly it’s all part of their ingenious strategy to distract us with everyday hassles while they quietly develop their one-world government and obligatory salsa dance classes.

But dont forget the secret handshake– the keystone of any type of good globalist plot. Envision stumbling upon a private conference, just to discover them locked in a tough argument over whether the secret handshake must involve jazzy hands or a firm, yet conspiratorial, clenched fist bump. The fate of the globe hanging in the balance, all while refining their integrated dancing regimen for the annual Bilderberg meetings..

And who could forget the globalist fashion feeling? Cloaked in shadowy mystery, their outfit ranges from trendy all-black sets to the classic Illuminati robes, accented with pyramid-shaped bling that would make any type of rap artist envious. Plainly, globe dominance features a gown code, and it’s amazing.

So, are the globalists delusional? Only if you believe that a group of elites is investing their time orchestrating a worldwide daytime soap as opposed to figuring out exactly how to make self-checkout lanes at the grocery store much less infuriating. However hey, that would not require a front-row seat to the best program on Earth– the one where the puppeteers mistakenly tied themselves in knots and end up doing the cha-cha instead of taking over the globe. Delusional or Not, it certain beats reality TV.

Hey, I poke fun of them yet the NWO is REAL, and coming your means if you abide. To finish all the chaos created by world power hungry criminals, (some claim NONE Human beings )JUST SAY NO! OF COURSE, its that easy and DON’T CONFORM.

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3 thoughts on “Are The Globalists Delusional?

  1. So, are the globalists delusional? Well, if orchestrating a covert global takeover is their idea of a successful Tuesday evening, then perhaps they’ve overestimated their event planning skills. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re onto something, and we’re all just pawns in their elaborate game of chess. Either way, I’ll be here with my popcorn, eagerly awaiting the next episode of “The Globalists: Reality or Delusion?” It’s the conspiracy theory soap opera we never knew we needed

  2. You are right about micromanaging everything with endless regulations and intrusion, the vast majority. being arbitrary, like the European Parliament, un elected? hmmm, government by paedophilia and proxy paedophilia, or what about the homofascists and the alphabet gang, that is a NWO, right?

    The modern state of Israel (not to be confused with the Israel of the holy bible) or Germany, or American are all engaged in machinations of the NWO.

    What about Kalergi Plan The Kalergi Plan, or the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, or what about the Fabians, that is NWO, kill whitey is NWO, UN, WHO, WEF, GAVI etc is all NWO, even American imperialism and corruption as proxy warfare for the modern state of Israel is all NWO, how cool is that?

    What about the club of Rome, the council of 300, like let us de-industrialize everything and put you back to the Stone Age, you evil white man who invented mostly everything on the planet, yes, what about that NWO?

    Central banks controlled by goblins, the greatest enemy of the human race, in particular Christians and white people, with ideals of CBDC central bank digital currency, that is NWO, right.

    Endless debt, disease and death, that is the sustainable ESG DIE NWO, now that’s a good one eh?

    Good thing I’m not writing an essay or blog.

  3. Many people are aware of the term, they may or may not know the extent of the machinations and magnitude of what has, is, may or will be done. Reminder that, if you don’t organize yourself, someone else will and you may not like it…

    Or how about the book by Guruda, Treason, the new world order, that is the ultimate best example, possibly.
    Never heard of it right? You have heard President Bush talk about a new world order, right? what was he talking about? Americans must know right? Fraudulent elections, electronic voting, voting fraud, that is definitely NWO anti nation state, ask President Trump, who has had to deal with the NWO crowd and enemies right here in America, and witness countless people in government being traitors, breaking the constitution, such as anti 2nd amendment for starters, now anyone talking about that, well, you need more lead in your diet, hahahaha. Thoughtful intelligent partriotism versus treason? what is it going to be? Either way, that will be a NWO, right?

    What about President Trump’s NWO, did he ever talk about that? We know he talked about the Cabal, another NWO. MAGA, that would be a new world order, Imagine no more proxy warfare for enemies foreign and domestic, only Congress can declare war, traitors will be executed along with paedofiles and who else, hmmm, that would be a NWO at least for America, that would be a good thing. Reformed or eliminated alphabet agencies, with corresponding rogue traitorous enemies foreign and domestic and endless genocide and PsyOps, that would be a change of pace, a new NWO. Made in USA genius. While you are at it, eliminate the illegal private entity known as the Federal Reserve and have debt free money, and community banks, constitutional militia, that would be NWO, nobody going to do shit anymore, right? since you are now on a roll, eliminate the mass media monopoly controlled by enemies foreign and domestic, gone, BOOM, no more propaganda bullshit, amazing, NWO, thanks, lots of ideas from the apple barrel here.
    How about Peace NWO not war and genocide NWO, hmmm
    the NWO has been in the works for a long time. Some people may not realize that you are telling the truth, or at least say take a look and follow the rabbit for your new red pill experience.
    There are lots of NWO…amazing all the topics at what were you thinking? Kick the can down the road a little longer?

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