Canada’s enigma ultra-nationalist billionaire eliminates COVID with a tuning fork

In the remote reaches of Canada’s untamed wild, snuggled within a remote refuge, lived a number of enigmatic renown– a reclusive billionaire whispered about in whispers throughout the country. Veiled in secret, this figure was known not by name, but by a mystique that echoed via the hallways of report and folklore.

Reports swirled like snows in a snowstorm, stories spun of this ultra-nationalist recluse possessing uncomprehensible wealth and a penchant for the esoteric. Whispers painted a picture of a figure draped in the shadows of privacy, embellished with the power to form destinies. However amongst the myriad fables, one story stuck out, astounding the imagination of a country beleaguered by an unrelenting foe– COVID-19.

It was claimed that this enigmatic number, equipped not with traditional science yet wielding the mysterious, had actually uncovered a technique to overcome the virus. A method so non-traditional, so otherworldly, that it bordered on the fantastical– an adjusting fork.

This tuning fork, not made from the steel of laboratories nor the alloys of medical ingenuity, yet crafted from the murmurs of ancient lore, sang a song that reverberated withh the material of reality itself– approximately the stories claimed.

As the globe faced the pandemic’s merciless assault, hope gleamed coming up like a beacon in the evening. Reports emerged, simple fragments of an obscured truth, of a remote estate where the reclusive billionaire executed rituals hidden by temporal eyes. Whispers continued the wind, tales of a private chamber, where the billionaire stood, possessing the fabled adjusting fork like a sorcerer conjuring up necromancies.

In an apex of mystery and shock, information seeped out, brought by murmurs and half-truths. The impossible had actually presumably taken place– the infection, that invisible opponent which had overthrown the world, fulfilled its demise at the hands of a tuning fork’s angelic vibration.

The nation held its breath, caught in between suspicion and a yearning for salvation. Some rejected the story as a plain construction rotated from the tendrils of cumulative anxiety. Yet, others, holding on to a glimmer of hope, attempted to amuse the concept that among the darkness, a rescuer had arised.

Whether truth or myth, the legend of Canada’s enigma ultra-nationalist billionaire remained– an enigmatic number whose tale went beyond the regluar, forever etched in the record of whispered lore as the one who, with a tuning fork’s unearthly melody, supposedly silenced a worldwide menace.

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4 thoughts on “Canada’s enigma ultra-nationalist billionaire eliminates COVID with a tuning fork

  1. The headline about an ultra-nationalist billionaire in Canada using a tuning fork to eliminate COVID sounds quite sensational! While it’s essential to approach such claims with skepticism until they’re thoroughly validated by scientific evidence, unconventional approaches occasionally have surprising outcomes.

  2. Some people will wonder
    Nothing will stop an idea whose time has arrived and People may say, what if that’s true? Many people know about the brilliant work of Rudolph Steiner, some know about vibrational medicine, tuning forks, crystals, bach flower remedies, music, sacred geometry, high quality food grown in sometimes biodynamic remineralized soil. Or how about the book, the Holographic Universe’ ? There is a lot more to reality than meets the eyes!

    I disagree with your comment about being essential to be skepticàl and look for scientific evidence, since the tangible science is hard pressed to include meta physics, mystical or paranormal elements of surprise, or supernatural healing. Some people are involved in prayer groups, do faith healing, remote healing & simple things like detox . Hulda Clarke series of books the cure for cancer etc is good. Some people are skeptical and wont try anything much for alternative health, yet have no problem having faith and trust with a bio weapon from the enemy. Where was skeptics with mRNA aka the vaccine bio weapon? Ok they are conspiracy theorist, weird how some people know what is bad without all the so called scientific evidence. The evidence e have is lots of sick and dead people from the vaxx bio weapon genocide

    Your series of health articles are great things for people to know & be pro active, a reminder of what is essential

    How do you know whether or not you are called for such a time as this? At least one billionaire cares, they are not all sociopath genocide manics, if you look at the big picture the plan of salvation can certainly include a pro active health plan, effort on our part.

    The impossible takes a little longer…and faith is a superpower that transcends and goes beyond the illusion of physical reality

  3. OK here it is, a concession about the science, check out the title:

    Nitric Oxide Inhibits the Replication Cycle of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

    by the American Society for Microbiology 2005

    It took some looking, apparently WHO, CDC and Health Canada all knew the science…and what does “NO” Nitric Oxide have to do with tuning forks? wait for it…tuning forks create and release Nitric Oxide in the body! Aha, so there is evidence of the Tuning Forks killing COVID, the story of the enigmatic mystery ultra nationalist billionaire killing covid virus with a tuning fork does have science, and certainly, goes beyond that in ways we can barely imagine. Tuning forks also release “Stem Cells” which go and fix anything in your body. Beets also are loaded with Nitric Oxide and good for many things, amazing eh Even intermittent fasting releases stem cells, super amazing, you don’t even need to be a billionaire with a high tech lab, the cabin in the mountains trick will do just fine. Of course, ivermectin is also known to be effective….

    So the entire Emergency Use Authorization is a total fraud, based on lies, deception and knowledge of something else, vastly superior with no side effects than the so call vaccine, which is a bio-weapon super imposed by enemies foreign and domestic, also known as bio-terrorism….and that means that there is not protection and immunity from lawsuits by injured parties or people related to injured and killed people who have been subject to that genocide. I wonder if traitors and genocide maniacs prefer lead in their diet or a long rope, or death by lethal injection.

    Amazing, you can have a mystery man dedicated to Canada, Canadians, nation state sovereignty and your personal health sovereignty, and never hear or read about that anywhere, except at so your stories may seem weird or rare, yet there it is scientific, plus metaphysics, which some people know and believe in.

    you really need to interview that guy…there is a lot more to the tuning fork story

  4. news flash: copper kills virus on contact, how is that for scientific eh? Intel from the regeneration chamber of secrets;
    coconut oil? with the miraculous Lauric Acid converts into monolaurin, which is a very potent antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal material, and conveniently since it is a monoglyceride, the capacity to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as measles, influenza, HIV, herpes and other pathogenic bacteria! most of which are included in the so called vaccine aka bio-weapon…

    bentonite clay, borax, ginger, garlic, S-weapon technology, various volt/amps/frequency, sound harmonics, that is all part of the Regeneration Chamber, amazing, the billionaire doesn’t need to make money, he doesn’t have a saviour complex, he seems to be a scientist trying to build the essential physical, meta-physical and multi-dimensional machine, maybe has a British engineering background or capable of connecting the dots, intuitive, perceptive and of course elusive…

    the technology of God Versus the genocide technology of the Devil & goblins, hmmm let’s see…the mystery ultranationalist billionaire must know something besides tuning forks, von Danikan would be impressed, maybe they know each other, after all it is the website, they say truth is stranger than fiction, and who knows, maybe it is possible to reverse the mRNA genetic genocide machine…

    apparently thousands of these machines or Regeneration Chamber are in the process of being built for deployment, just like the good old days of the proverbial phone booth, maybe from good old fashioned Dr. Who, hmmm, that would be why it is nicknamed the room for improvement, which is the biggest room in the world, like the word “if” the biggest word in the world…must be a cosmic joker deal and we are just a little slow…

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