Pierre Poilievre’s Decision to Support Pro-Freedom Convoy Receives Positive Response from European Politician

Why Did Conservative MPs Meet with Pro-Freedom Convoy?

Recently, Conservative MPs have received a lot of criticism for meeting with the Pro-Freedom Convoy. However, Pierre Poilievre, the Shadow Minister for Jobs and Industry, has refused to punish his colleagues, stating that they were exercising their right to free speech and peaceful protest.

The Pro-Freedom Convoy, which started in Vancouver, has been making its way across Canada to protest against the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Many Canadians believe that these mandates infringe on their rights and freedoms, and the convoy is seen as a symbol of this sentiment.

Positive Response from European Politicians

Despite the criticism that the Conservative MPs have received, they have also received support from European politicians. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian political party Lega Nord, tweeted his support for the MPs, stating that “in Canada, there are politicians who defend freedom.”

Salvini’s tweet received a lot of attention in Italy, and many Italians have expressed their support for the Pro-Freedom Convoy and the Conservative MPs who met with them.

Poilievre’s Stance on Free Speech

Pierre Poilievre’s refusal to punish his colleagues has been seen as a stance on free speech. In an interview with Global News, he stated that “there is no question that these protests are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

“Right now, what I’m more concerned about is the vile and racist views of the prime minister, who after over half of his adult life dressed up in vile racist costumes so many times that he cannot remember them all,” Poilievre said.

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