Slovakia Launches Investigation into COVID mRNA Vaccine Deaths, Prime Minister Fico Demands Transparency

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico has taken a major step by launching a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged connection between mRNA vaccines administered during the COVID vaccination campaign and a large number of deaths. This courageous choice was revealed during a compelling address at the European Parliament, where Fico voiced his worries regarding the experimental use of mRNA vaccines and the general measures taken to combat the pandemic.

Investigating the Pandemic Spectacle: Fico’s Push for Transparency

Fico’s fiery speech shed light on the perplexing aspects of the “COVID circus,” emphasizing the need to unravel the truth behind the role pharmaceutical companies played in the entire scenario. THe Slovak Prime Minister asserted, “We will never understand the truth about what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actually organized the entire COVID-19 circus.”

Government Accountability: Resolving the Vaccine Dilemma

Recognizing the importance of finding a solution, Fico declared,” has made the decision to incorporate a commitment to resolving official communications.”

Slovakians Seek Clarity Amidst Growing Concerns

Fico emphasized the importance of addressing the concerns of the Slovak population when it comes to vaccination. He raised doubts about the characteristics of the vaccines, the lack of testing, and the rationale behind administering different experimental vaccines without thorough examination. The Prime Minister expressed worries about the extensive use of medications, country-wide testing, and the financial implications related to these choices.

Examining the ineptitude of the government and the excessive loss of lives.

Fico emphasized the gravity of the situation by pointing to the alarming 21,000 unnecessary deaths in Slovakia since 2020, which he attributed to “government ineptitude.” He voiced his discontent with the handling of the pandemic by previous governments, claiming that they placed economic interests above the well-being of the public.

Establishment of a Dedicated Public Sector Department

Fico has established a specialized government department to look into the concerns. The National Assembly’s Deputy will spearhead the investigation and release the findings. Fico believes the Deputy possesses the neccessary skills to collect and evaluate information thoroughly.

Rejecting the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

In a bold move, Fico rejected the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty, denouncing it as “nonsense invented by greedy pharma companies.” This decision further underscores Slovakia’s commitment to independently assess the situation and make informed decisions.

Global Concerns: Scientists Urge Moratorium on mRNA Injections

Amidst these developments, a group of scientists has recently released a peer-reviewed article advocating for a global moratorium on experimental COVID mRNA injections. The article emphasizes the need for governments to address safety concerns before endorsing widespread use.

Conclusion: Unveiling the TRuth

The global community closely observes as Slovakia actively investigates the deaths connected to the mRNA. Fico’s dedication to openness and responsibility in dealing withh this intricate and contentious matter establishes a standard for addressing the wider apprehensions related to the COVID-19 crisis. The findings of this inquiry are highly anticipated, as they hold the potential to provide a better comprehension of the occurrences that took place during this crucial time.

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