Trudeau Faces Setback as Canadian Doctors Reject WEF’s Controversial Euthanasia Program

In a significant blow to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Canadian parliament voted against the expansion of the World Economic Forum (WEF) influenced euthanasia program. This decision came in response to strong opposition from thousands of doctors who rejected the plan to include mentally ill individuals in the medically assisted death initiative.

Public Outcry Halts Trudeau’s Euthanasia Program Expansion

Trudeau faced humiliation as the Canadian parliament, responding to public outcry, decided to halt the extension of the WEF-driven euthanasia program. Initially designed for chronically ill individuals, the proposal to include people with mild mental illnesses sparked a heated debate across Canada, garnering criticism from numerous medical professionals.

Controversial Policy Sparks Division

The WEF-infiltrated Canadian government’s existing medically assisted death program allows indviduals with incurable medical conditions to apply for assisted suicide, even if the disease is not terminal. This controversial policy, considered one of the most liberal assisted suicide programs globally, has faced criticism and raised ethical concerns, particularly regarding mental health cases.

Evolution of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Laws

Canada introduced medically assisted dying in 2015 after its Supreme Court ruled that forcing people to endure intolerable suffering violated fundamental rights to liberty and security. The law expanded in 2021, encompassing “grievous and irremediable” conditions, including mental health issues. Despite its expansion, the program encountered resistance, with accusations of promoting a “culture of death” by conservative lawmakers.

Concerns Raised by Lawmakers

Lawmaker Ed Fast questioned the repid progression of Canada’s assisted suicide program, expressing concerns about evolving into a “culture of death” for those suffering from mental illness. These concerns gained traction as the program aimed to include individuals with mild mental illnesses.

Health Officials Cite Insufficient Resources

However, the expansion faced a setback as health officials acknowledged a lack of resources, particularly psychiatrists, to evaluate mentally ill individuals seeking assisted suicide. Health Minister Mark Holland and Justice Minister Arif Virani stated that the system needed more time and preparation. They emphasized the need for proper training and readiness in provinces and territories.

Delayed Expansion and Advocacy Group’s Response

Officials did not provide a timeline for the proposed changes, postponing the expansion initially scheduled for March 17. The advocacy group “Dying With Dignity Canada” expressed disappointment, urging the govenment to clarify its plan of action. The group emphasized the frustration of individuals with treatment-resistant mental disorders facing continued exclusion and discrimination.

Trudeau’s ambitious euthanasia program, influenced by the WEF, faces challenges and delays, reflecting the complex ethical and logistical considerations surrounding assisted suicide, particularly for those with mental health conditions.

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  1. Yes the Supreme Court of Canada having the illegal unconstitutional transfer of power with the so called illegal 1982 Constitution, great credibility with a track record of zog, and the current illegal hate speech laws promoted by enemies foreign and domestic. Nothing like killing more people and making it look legal. How about WEF, WHO etc et all, isn’t that a little mentally challenged in addition to a national and global security threat? Hmmmm…Eh?

    Assisted suicide, so how does that work with life insurance, death certificates (hurray c19 vaxx bio-weapons and the super imposed genocide of disease and vaxxine injury can go totally unrecognized for why some would choose that…clever eh, what about mind control, isolation, trauma, sexual, financial based mind control, high definitions televisions, media and slick marketing campaign, subliminal audio tracks, subliminal art and the environment of total doom, suffering and dispair, zero justice, zero help, zero faith in God, salvation or even the so called medical system? Eh

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