The BC New Democratic Party allows children as young as 12 to determine their own gender

A measure that permits children with gender confusion as early as 12 to self-identify their gender without the need for clearance from a mental health professional or a physician was just enacted into law by the NDP administration that is now in power in the province of British Columbia. On March 9, NDP Minister for Health Adrian Dixon presented the proposed legislation, which was afterward referred to as Bill 15 and enacted by the British Columbia legislature on March 28.

Legal Options for Transgender Children and Birth Certificates That Are Neutral Regarding Gender

With the passage of Bill 15, it is now permissible for children as young as 12 to self-identify as the other gender and alter their sex legally. A birth certificate for a resident of the province can now be granted to them even if there is no indication of the person’s gender on the document.

Grace Lore, the current Minister of State for Child Care for the New Democratic Party and a former professor of gender studies, has stated her gratitude for the fact that children may now change their gender at will and on a whim. Lore stated the following in a tweet: “By law, persons who are 12 years old or older do NOT require a doctor or psychologist in order to alter their gender marker PLUS, people may acquire a birth certificate without a gender marker on it if they desire it.” Additionally, ensure the safety of transgender children.

There is a lot of controversy around the topic of gender changes for children.

At a time when several states in the United States have passed legislation prohibiting “sex modifications” or genital mutilation of youngsters, a new law has been passed that allows children to alter their gender without the consent of a medical practitioner. A law that makes it illegal for kids to attend drag shows and other adult-oriented events was just passed and signed into law by the Governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In a similar vein, some countries in Europe, such as Finland, have outlawed drastic “gender reassignment” treatments on the grounds that they might cause irreparable harm.

On the other hand, there has been an upsurge in the promotion of radical gender ideology for both children and adults in Canada. This trend is supported by federal government officials, mayors with a left-leaning political philosophy, and certain provincial governments.

Camp for Drag Queens is Being Held at a Children’s Theater in Vancouver

This summer, a children’s theater in Vancouver that is supported financially by both the provincial and federal governments will run a camp called “drag queen camp” for children as young as seven years old. Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews published an article stating that people who oppose radical gender ideology in Canada have been subjected to violent attacks as a direct result of the doctrine’s propagation. As an illustration, Chris Elston, a father from Canada, was recently beaten by extreme transgender activists in Vancouver for denouncing gender ideology that focuses on children.

The radical ideology of gender is condemned by medical professionals.

An open letter signed by more than fifty French medical professionals, including prominent academics, doctors, legal experts, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, philosophers, and judges, was published in September 2021. The letter condemned many aspects of radical gender ideology, including the practice of “gender transitions” in children.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The passage of Bill 15 by the New Democratic Party (NDP) government of British Columbia, which permits children as young as 12 to self-identify their gender without the approval of a medical professional, has sparked controversy, with opposing views being expressed on the promotion of radical gender ideology. While the governments of several other nations have outlawed similar practices, the government of Canada appears to be supporting them. About the long-term impacts that the promotion of radical gender ideology will have on children in Canada, it is yet unclear what those repercussions will be.

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