Radical Trans Activists Attacked a Canadian Father

At a rally for “trans visibility” in Vancouver, radical trans activists attacked a Canadian father named Chris Elston, prompting the local police to launch an investigation.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has made the announcement that they will investigate the attacks that took place at a “Trans Visibility” demonstration against Canadian parent Chris Elston by radical trans activists. These assaults took place during the rally. The decision to take action was made as a result of the mounting pressure from the general public to respond to the violent event that took place at Grandview Park on Friday.

Attendees of the demonstration allegedly approached a group of counter-protesters, who consisted of seventy-five to one hundred persons, as reported by the police. During the altercation, at least two persons were subjected to physical violence. The Robbery, Assault, and Arson Unit of the Vancouver Police Department has delegated two detectives to undertake a comprehensive investigation, which will include the examination of spectator footage, eyewitness reports, and victim statements.

One of the victims of the attack was a person by the name of Chris Elston, who is an activist seeking to bring attention to the fanaticism of the transgender movement as well as the hazards of “sex modifications” for children. As a result of his opposition to the dominant gender paradigm, he was pushed to the ground, seized by the throat, and pummeled. On his chest was a sign that stated, “Children cannot agree to puberty blockers.” He was wearing the sign.

Elston asserted that the police did nothing to defend him from the crowd of transgender activists, and as a result, he vowed to take legal action against the VPD. Elston stated that the police stood by and did nothing to protect him from the crowd. He documented his experience on social media, including his meetings with a VPD officer identified as Frederike Buchmann, who appeared unwilling to assist him. He turned to social media to share his story.

The attack was recorded on camera by citizen journalist Dan Dicks, and Buchmann can be seen quite clearly in the background of the footage. Elston asked in a tweet, “Will Constable Frederike Buchmann be promoted or penalized by the @VancouverPD for her lies and smiles, and failure to arrest violent thugs?” Buchmann has been under investigation for her refusal to make arrests of violent offenders.

Elston has been contacted by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), and he has been invited to meet with investigators to submit a statement as well as video evidence from the event. The Vancouver Police Department has also posted excerpts from the footage of the attack that may be found online.

The incident takes place at a time when tensions are rising in Canada as a result of extreme gender ideology. During this time, several communities have passed rules that make it illegal to protest against drag queen story hours or any other LGBTQ activities hosted at public venues. Derek Reimer, a pastor in Calgary, was arrested, prosecuted, and thrown in jail after opposing a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library in the city. During the demonstration, Reimer was also physically assaulted. In a response to the bylaw that has received widespread criticism, the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) has threatened to initiate a legal challenge against the bill, labeling it as “unconstitutional.”

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