Jagmeet Singh in the crystal ball

A look behind the curtain

Clarity eh? Hmmm Let’s look into the crystal ball. Out of 335 total seats, Ok 24 seats at 7% for NDP. Liberals at 156 seats and 47%, Conservatives at 118 seats and 35%. Polling surveys show a much different picture. The Liberals are still in power due to another pro abortion anti life socialist.  Another understatement of the year by some to say the least.  Taxes, scandalous events, woke & broke or shall we say insane debt and financial mismanagement eh? A coalition with the most unpopular and despised PM  in Canada since forever, are you kidding me and everyone else? Let’s look into that, evidently, we need to know…

A look into the crystal ball eh?

Is there such a thing as a crystal ball? Does that actually work? Let’s look into the classified Defence and Intel Community Crystal ball called Pandora, in the remote highly classified black box building, aka Pandora Cypher Box of all things,  shall we begin?

Terrorism, Extremism, Deception & Intrigue

Looking now… scandals are excellent newsworthy  items, look closely beyond incense smoke and ” PR optics”…Jagmeet Singh the terrorist, hmmm who would have known or thought, wanted and banned in how many countries, looks like 17 or 18…sikh extremism, hmmm, holding Canada hostage with Trudeau, yikes wow, a usurper….oh look, his record and official comments various relevant topics could cause him some problems, but wait for it, the crystal ball is cloudy, is he a puppet of Gobelin masters or oh, do we see an assassination attempt or death by natural means or an accident, wow, different headlines, amazing.

Defence, Intel & Law Enforcement

Looking a little more focused with the light of conscience and intrigue, aha the so called white nationalists in the background, hmmm military uniforms, yikes wow, enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combatants, national security threat rating, oh look, the entire NDP is a national security threat, allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, plenty of sexual perversion, homo-fascists…say its not true, oh look moral courage rockets in Canada, NSICOP, amazing, CSIS revelations, no way, un-redacted, no they wouldn’t, another mini-nuke implicating all that, OMG, finally joint operations, look at that, the pedophile list apocalyptic headlines, terrorist headlines, the anti police….wait for it, classified and restricted undercover police files on the Jagmeet Singh, amazing, all this time, who would have thought, the truth, censored and suppressed, ignored with severe reprimands in place, to enforce…what? a super imposed illegal and unconstitutional government totally opposed to peace order and good government and anti white to the core, OMG, it’s true, beyond true, it’s world war truth & freedom, amazing…

Kill Whitey, CAF genocide and clash of civilization

Amazing, and yet…kill whitey, oh that’s interesting, look in the background, isn’t that interesting, Saijan, Anand & Virani hmmm, CAF genocide, that is incredible, reality bites hard and tears at the conscience with sharp penetrating teeth, bio-weapon genocide and the end of “illegal extremist hate speech laws” wow, global treason, PsyOps, amazing treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, how can that be, the NDP exposed, the Elections Canada scandal going volcanic, voting records, wow amazing, wait there is more, Indian Nationals and more, despised in Canada, no wonder look at the organized crime spree, genocide without limits, subversion without limits…anti white without limits, yikes…

Immigration, Invasion & Unified Epic Canadian War Vectors

There is more, the immigrationwatchcanada.org, the Canucklaw,ca revelations,  blowing the lid off the magnitude of immigration, invasion, migration, and yikes, illegal criminal aliens invading Texas USA and converging to Canada, yikes, oh there is salvation, an group of unlikely heroic nationalists defending the border with extreme performance aerial armada, mind boggling unity with Defence, Law Enforcement, CSIS and …Battlegroup-301 unbelievable, straight white unity, do or die, join or die, what the hell…rotary cannons, air superiority out of nowhere, they are going to Texas also, Sheriffs empowered with stealth aerial armada flying machines from Canada, traitors and invaders are no more.. Nationalists and Patriots, the time line is exploding, events are epic…look there is still more…President Trump – the great PsyOp? Unbelievable yet believable and still hard to see clearly…how can that be…can that be true? the mystery of Q and the white hats…the picture fades fast, gone…

Revelation, Violence and Counter-measures by real Canadians

In Canada with the Jagmeet Singh scenario, Deportations, people leaving, national security orders, Governor General comments, remarkable, the new real King of England, the King of UK, how can that be? incredible, not who you think, wow, like wow, the penalty of treason is death enforced in Canada and shocks the world, the mass exodus of enemies foreign and domestic leaving Canada and assets behind, assets are forfeit, proper executions, assassinations, foreign agents implicated, more truth…Whitey is pissed off and not taking any more bullshit from anyone, violence escalates exponentially, way. more, the end of fake news media controlled by enemies foreign and domestic with their mind control propaganda public opinion influence, foreign relations have gained some friends and made some enemies, wow, print and telecommunication assets of mass  media that is owned, controlled and voted, edited and censored with anti nation state policies destroyed, totally destroyed, that is beyond incredible, aah finally Trudeau and Singh, the real connection, enemy collaborators against Canada, treason, high treason, bio-terrorism, genocide, follow the money,  open season? what in the world is that? wow, mind boggling and in our face all that time…criminals are dealt with finally, holy crap, pedophiles and traitors are executed, more changes to the law.

End of Political Stagnation and Anti nation state politics

There is still more, Pierre Poilievre transformed with heart and soul, no more apologies, he is in question period about to ask the PM something on behalf of all Canadians…you can’t hear that now, the incorrigible PM is having a nervous breakdown, unbelievable, no more smart ass comments, no more insolent arrogance and pride, no more bullshit baffle brains, no more hyper ventilating accent and explanations, no more drama, Canadians can’t believe what they are hearing or seeing, they are stunned, and even more with the Deputy PM Freeland revelations, how can that be? Yet there it is scandalous to the max, unbelievable, yet very believable, yet that explains most things that keep adding up, fantastic…arrests in public, beyond amazing, holy crap…time travel, is that possible?


Is the future re-invented with Pierre Poilievre?

…and now look, another day at the office with Pierre Poilievre… nice interior woodworking and credenza, looks like he is there drinking coffee, smiling and laughing, he looks like a new man, …oh look Kicking Horse kick ass coffee, I can practically smell that, drinking coffee with …who is that guy? Is that Canada’s Mystery Billionaire? What in the world are they talking about? We are stunned, we are humbled, we are exhilarated, emancipated, we are unified, we are free, I really need more than a moment of pure silence, silence is golden…wow, time to step away from the crystal ball, and contemplate awesomeness and really think about a few things that would otherwise be overwhelming and now an extreme relief,Wow, amazing a new debt free national currency, Made in Canada, who would have guessed or imagined that would even be possible? Say that again, Made in Canada, that is like music to my ears, aahhh, that’s what I’m talking about…the audacity of Made in Canada…

The one question remains…

Now, images are fading, as the only question remains on the Pandora Crystal Ball…”What will you do to make a difference?” pulsing with every beat of my heart… and then the choice points and corresponding events in the timeline of holographic reality begin to fade in a wisp of smoke with an ember burning inside…I stand on guard for Canada in stoic silence…wondering if I could tell anyone, or if anyone would believe it or even listen…What will you do to make a difference?…What will you do to make a difference? I reach for my notebook and pen and I begin to write…in deep thought, I see myself in the quantum mirror of an unknown space time, an unknown entry event, that will change the world forever…”Express the best of who you are”, I wrote it with heart and soul, and that is all you need to know…

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