Jagmeet Singh is racist, not Bloc Québécois MP Alain Therrien

Another mini nuke from the arsenal got away…

Jagmeet Singh, a  racist and terrorist and protected by privilege?

Amazing all the insults and accusations against Bloc Québécois MP Alain Therrien, a real Canadian, from a know terrorist that has been blacklisted and barred from many countries, Jagmeet Singh.

Who is the racist one here:


‘Nothing gives me more pride than my Sikh heritage in my country Canada…There is no place in Canada for EuroCanadian Pride!’

A national security threat

Is that so? Really now? So you like to have a monopoly on pride eh? Hmmm, sounds racist to me, that is very dismissive of you, yes, hate speech does not apply to you now does it? After all you are a protected terrorist in Canada masquerading as an MP for the NDP with allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, the socialist international and known communist front, an enemy foreign and domestic, amazing eh? A known national security threat, in fact the entire NDP is a known national security threat, along with the Liberal Party of Canada, excellent work, you have status now.

Or consider this comment from video file:


“In that moment I got angry…”

Is that so, imagine that, and someone not voting to look into systemic racism in the RCMP hurt your feelings. We understand sociopaths don’t have feelings, what about you now, the terrorist MP. Dieing at the hands of the RCMP does not actually mean that the RCMP killed the alleged indigenous person, certainly there are records and evidence to the extenuating circumstances and actual physical and mental status of these people? Eh?

Yes more holier than thou virtue signalling, yes, very popular these days with the narcissist mind virus, in addition to the actual race war, religious war, and terrorist modus operandi, great, we can see through that and we do not need a crystal ball however, it is insightful to have one, right?

“In that moment I got angry…”

Really, how do you think people feel about the Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Genocide with the forced vaccination with a  bio-weapon such as the Moderna, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca, coincidently being not only the CEO being of the same class of goblins as enemies foreign and domestic, that is who owns, controls and votes as well as creates the so called vaccine bio-weapon. The forced vaccination by the type of people who are in fact enemies foreign and domestic, review post : https://opinion-canada.ca/saijan-anand-virani-genocide-treason-high-treason-terrorism-bio-terrorism/4518/

Systemic Racism is actually not a real White Canadian Problem

Review that last part on Kill whitey is why a real Canadian needs a crystal ball the Pandora Crystal Ball, something operated by real Canadians in the Defence and Intel community, those that have not been genocide by the likes of your kind of people, the previous Ministers of National Defence, Saijan & Anand, as those who are guilty of treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism and genocide with the use of the so called vaccine bio-weapon & Virani the great minister of injustice and terrorism, with the demonic, racist, religious war and terrorist proposed legislation of C-63. Systemic Racisms exists against white Canadians.

Virani and C-63

Virani the great minister of injustice and terrorism, with C-63, hopes to make it impossible to comment on anything and the actual terrorist threat which is the threat of the use of force or the actual use of force, for something that might happen, yes, someone may speak the truth and consider the facts, yes, you are all national security threats, super imposed by the goblin occupied government and goblins everywhere. Virani is a national security threat, sponsored by the treasonous Liberal Party of Canada, who is engaged in and at war with systemic racism. Anyone who votes for C-63 represents a national security threat and is at war against white Canadians. Anyone in the NDP is a national security threat, along with all traitors in the liberal party.

What real Canadians need to know

Review relevant comments on the PM https://battlegroup-301.ca/Civil_Defence/The_Real_PM.html

or something super relevant and need to know at :


A conclusion is not needed at this point, you will need to read it and think about it.

Additionally, anyone protecting these enemies, traitors, genocide maniacs, terrorists, goblins and other enemies foreign and domestic, are also considered the same, and a double disgrace, and if you have any shred of conscience left, it would be very beneficial and recommended to reconcile those issues and align values with actions, as no more goblin occupied government or goblin excrement will be tolerated.

Defence and Law Enforcement and Intel Community – pro-active patriots required

Defence and Law Enforcement and Intel Community know the reality of the situation, and to simply redact everything like nothing is going on and nobody needs to know the extent of the treason, high treason, genocide, bio-weapon genocide and bio-terrorism and failing to uphold the Defence Mission, regardless of who is the Minister of Defence, and yes it is possible to have a anti white anti nation state sovereignty Minister of Defence, who is woke and simply an imbecile at war against real Canadians, the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada, in service of globalist masters who will exterminate those enslaved to them when they have fulfilled their purpose.

Moral Courage is required, as in “Oh Canada, We Stand on Guard for thee…” Govern yourself accordingly. Unless of course you are waiting for Mission Tasking from Dux Bellorum, you really need to inform someone that you will accept the Mission and make that clear under no uncertain terms, as now, there is Intel on the Defence, Law Enforcement and Intel Community, Patriots V Traitors, Racists, genocide maniacs, woke,  imbeciles, globalists and all enemies foreign and domestic, including enemy collaborateurs, acts of aggression, acts of war, including 5th generation, asymmetric, PsyOp, Legislative, weaponized institutions, mass media controlled, owned, voted, edited and censored by more goblins and a few other details…oh yeah, anyone that calls a white person a white supremacist or white nationalist in a derogatory manner, represents the enemy at war against white Canadians, that includes the prime minister and anyone in any associated war vector scenarios, anyone in any anti white acts of aggression as an enemy combatant.


Yes, let’s have a conclusion, shall we?

Jagmeet Singh, a racist, a known terrorist barred in several countries, protected by the Canadian government, engaged in religious war against white Canadians with associated enemy combatants, and enemies foreign and domestic, Saijan, Anand, Virani etc et al engaged in bio-weapons genocide, bio-terrorism, terrorism, treason, high treason, systemic racism against white Canadians, illegal hate speech laws and oh yes, the rest is only a little classified, along with those who are protecting them and not doing their sworn duty and oath to disclose facts, makes arrests and continue on the tradition of, “The penalty of treason is death”.

What are you going to do about it? Eh????

Another mini nuke, that’s off to a good start. Actually, stealth long range cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles are part of an Arsenal of Democracy portfolio, at least a nation state sovereignty point of view not controlled by goblins. There is no “broken arrow” there is the CF-105Arrow.ca

What is really interesting is that it is only Maxime Bernier at the Peaople’s Party of Canada, the PPC is the only one talking about or acknowledging the problem with immigration, and certainly either as immigrants, or people born here from those immigrants who have a proven racial or religious extraction of known history of terrorism and genocide in addition to practicing systemic racism against white Canadians is a problem. More details can be found at :



Perhaps they agree with what a national security threat is…or anything nobody else will talk about, and be sure to ask for the intel on the voting records of various policies that have totally ruined Canada…

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