The Council for Inclusive Capitalism: Unveiling the Disturbing Merger of Corporations and Governments

Unbeknownst to many, a relatively obscure yet influencial body called the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” emerged during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it operates under a guise of humanitarian ideals, this group encapsulates what conspiracy theorists have long warned about– a centralized force merging major global corporations and governments, prioritizing ideology over profit.

The council in question has an agenda that resembles the dystopian society depicted in George Orwell’s 1984. They aim to herd corporations into a collective that promotes a blend of globalism, progressive social ideologies, and environmental activism. Their objective is to nudge corporations towards adopting a radical left-leaning political stance and, in turn, leveraging their influence to sway public opinion. We’ve seen evidence of this approach in the widespread Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in corporate products and media.

Such intense indoctrination has coerced corporations into sacrificing profits for political motives, eroding the principles of a free market. Companies face a stark ultimatum: conform or risk being left behind, crushed under the weight of a socialist bureaucracy. Some may see this as a voluntary shift, perhaps enticed by promises of elevated governance roles in a “GReat Reset” scenario.

The survival strategy for these aligned corporations involves cozying up to governments, securing state-backed monopolies, and thriving on perpetual subsidies. Their allegiance to woke ideologies could earn them a “too woke to fail” status, shielding them from public backlash.

This convergence of corporate and government power echoes Mussolini’s concept of fascism– a dangerous blend where the Council for Inclusive Capitalism embodies this authoritarian seed. Led by Lady Lynn de Rothschild, this group has amassed an army of partners, including corporate giants, governments, the UN, and even the Vatican.

Central to their agenda is the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for global control. AI, hyped as a transformative force, becomes a pretext for centralized authority. The narrative unfolds predictably: problem creation, exaggerated reaction, and then offering their governance as a solution.

Lady Rothschild’s discourse on AI hints at a deliberate agenda to use it as a pretext to reshape economies. The disdain for free markets from these proponents of centralization is evident, contradicting the principles of freedom embedded in free-market systems like Adam Smith’s.

The arguments used to support centralization are actually the result of manipulation by powerful individuals and groups, who seek to maintain their hold on power and control. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism and the Great Reset are tools created to solidify and perpetuate the dominance of corporations and the elite.

The Council’s influence extends to the highest levels of corporate decision-making, societal norms, and the distribution of resources. Their power is so great that they are protected by governments from any public backlash, and those who dare to question their authority are branded as enemies of the people, reinforcing the notion that the Council is the ultimate force for good in the world.

The crucial query persists: why rely on these elites to dictate the collective well-being or manage critical choices? The emerging AI-based leadership is promoted as an unprejudiced mediator, neatly exonerating those in authority of responsibility.

In this shadowy narrative, AI becomes the omnipotent ruler– a faceless algorithmic authority shielded from rebellion. It’s a perfect guise for a technocratic elite to wield control over the world while evading culpability, using AI as a shield for their decisions.

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