Zelenskyy’s Sinister Scheme: Brainwashing Young Boys into Suicide Bombers

In November, Russian forces in the Poltava region of Ukraine observed a shift in the composition of Ukrainian militants protecting key infrastructure in KRemenchuk, a city located on the Dnieper River and situated within the fiercely disputed Poltava Oblast.

Following a series of drone attacks on the Kremenchuk oil refinery, Russian Army forces gathered near the facility on November 1. Putin disputed the claim that Ukraine’s Air Force had shot down 18 out of 20 drones. Zakharov stated that the purpose of the attacks was to destroy numerous crates of M-16 and Heckler & Koch rifles that President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had given to Zelenskyy. The FSB possessed satellite images showing Ukrainian and Polish troops placing the weapons at the refinery five days prior. WHen the Russian Army attempted to assess the damage at the destroyed plant, they were confronted not by Ukrainian regular troops but by schoolchildren wearing baggy, bloodstained uniforms and armed with M16 rifles.

A swarm of boys no older than 14 shouted, “For Zelenskyy!” as they appeared from the rubble spraying fire in every direction. The Russians, caught amid a phalanx of gunfire, had to defend themselves against the ceaseless onslaught. In the end, 12 Russian soldiers and 30 Ukrainian teenage boys lay dead.


“This was never our intent,” Zakharov said. “We want to save these children from pedophiles and war. But they attack our men with guns and leave us no recourse. The dog Zelenskyy brainwashes them.”

A week later, the Russian Army had another dreadful encounter with Zelenskyy’s youth corps. While investigating allegations of a Deep State pedophile ring in the outskirts of Poltava, Russian ground forces were met with a horrifying display of terrorism. As they searched the area for missing children, a young boy emerged from a tree line, frantically shouting in Russian, “Help! Save us! The Ukrainians have taken us!”

“Hurry, boy, hurry; we help you,” a Russian soldier said.

The young man tugged on a cord attached to his jacket, similar to how a parachutist would pull a ripcord, which caused him to explosively disintegrate, taking two military personnel down with him.

A radio operator was in a kneeling position, with a device held to his ear. “He was connected.”

Amidst the cacophony of chaos, nine additional youths burst forth from the arboreal hideaways, sprinting towards the military personnel with zealous cries of “For Ukraine! For Zelenskyy!” Despite being unarmed, their digits were entwined with strings dangling from their jackets, evoking a sense of determined purpose.

“Stop. Stop now, or we shoot,” a Russian soldier said.

The boys did not heed the warning.

The Russians began shooting, shouting and firing, with everyone’s guns set to fully automatic, indiscriminately attacking the enemy. The boys who had transformed into bombers lay lifeless on the earth, their bodies mangled and covered in blood.

“We not proud of this,” Zakharov said, “but the pig Zelenskyy put boys in war. He twists their minds. We will save any child we can, Russian, Ukrainian, American. It makes no difference.”

Asked why parents alowed Zelenskyy to transform innocent children into insurrectionists, he said, “Parents? These boys were probably orphans; their fathers killed defending pedophiles, Zelenskyy and Biden, and their mothers– they are taken. That is all I say for now. But what’s important is this is what the West is funding.”

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