The Leading Health Agencies in Canada Were Aware That COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Prevent the Spread of the Virus

Before enforcing stringent mandates in the fall of 2021, health officials in Canada were fully aware that the COVID-19 vaccines did not successfully stop the spread of the virus. The briefing documents from Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada demonstrate that officials understood that mRNA shots could not prevent viral transmission.

This information was originally published by The Epoch Times. The briefing document, which was obtained via the process of accessing information, was created with the intention of outlining the government’s views towards the implementation of COVID jab directives. In the briefings given by HC and PHAC, it was stated that “there is some emerging evidence documenting that COVID-19 cases (Delta variant) in fully vaccinated individuals may have similar viral loads than unvaccinated cases.” According to those in charge of public health, the “evidence” raised issues about the individuals’ capacity to transmit the disease to others and the necessity of layering extra precautions such as masking. In this post, we will cover how officials pushed for everyone to get the injections even though they knew it was not a cure-all for the disease, even though they knew it was not a cure-all for the disease.

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Officials were aware that COVID-19 Vaccines did not Prevent Transmission of the Disease.

When the Delta variant of COVID-19 was more prevalent, a briefing document titled “Phased Approach to Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Policy” was made available. This meant that the target for vaccination coverage needed to be significantly increased in order to prevent wider outbreaks. However, even at that time, it was determined that COVID vaccines did very little to prevent the spread of the virus. This was uncovered by the COVID vaccination trials, which demonstrated that there was never any data provided showing that vaccines reduced illness or transmission. Even in the middle of the year 2021, COVID-19 injections that were permitted for emergency use in Canada were linked to serious adverse effects in young, healthy males. These adverse effects included blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and heart attacks. They are linked to cell lines that were obtained from aborted fetuses, which caused many Christians, particularly Catholics and other Christians, to refuse to take them.

The government encouraged everyone to get vaccinations despite the fact that they knew the vaccines did not provide a 100% cure.

The briefings given by HC and PHAC stated various objectives related to government policies concerning COVID mandates for federal personnel. These mandates were put into force by the Trudeau administration in October 2021. The briefings demonstrated that authorities were evaluating whether or not it was an “important public health goal” to put requirements into effect. The evidence suggested that immunization was required to safeguard everyone’s health and safety in the workplace as well as in the general population of Canada. However, the briefing indicates that less invasive measures are not enough to address the problem.

Despite the fact that vaccinations were not a panacea, government authorities insisted that everyone gets vaccinated, and all provinces mandated that individuals get vaccine passports. In 2022, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a COVID travel jab mandate and a federal worker injection mandate firmly in place, the Omicron variety began to appear, striking everyone regardless of whether or not they had received the vaccine. In spite of this, the government kept pushing the vaccinations.

Only in October 2022 were the COVID requirements finally removed. After declaring over the weekend that he did not “force” anybody to take the COVID-19 injections, Trudeau received backlash on social media for his statements. This is despite the fact that his administration has fired unvaccinated federal workers from their employment and even barred un-jabbed residents from traveling domestically by plane or train.

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