Trudeau Government Internet Censorship Bill C-11 Passes Senate

Bill C-11 is a piece of legislation proposed by the Canadian government to modernize their privacy laws and bring them in line with current technological advancements. The bill is aimed at protecting the personal information of Canadians while also promoting innovation and economic growth in the country.

The Controversy Surrounding Bill C-11

While the aim of Bill C-11 is noble, it has faced intense criticism from different quarters. Some critics have argued that the bill grants too much power to the government to regulate online content and could lead to censorship. Others have expressed concern about the bill’s impact on small businesses, especially those that rely on data-driven marketing.

How Will Bill C-11 Impact Canadians?

Bill C-11 will impact Canadians in several ways. First, it will give individuals more control over their personal information and allow them to withdraw their consent for companies to use their data. It will also require companies to be more transparent about their data collection practices and provide individuals with more information about how their data is being used.

On the flip side, Bill C-11 will also give the Canadian government the power to regulate online content and remove it if deemed necessary. This has raised concerns about the potential for censorship and the impact it could have on free speech.

What Are The Next Steps?

With the Senate passing Bill C-11, the next step is for it to be reviewed by the House of Commons. If it passes, it will become law and could have significant implications for Canadians and businesses operating in the country.

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