Can Ontario Catholic Schools Defy LGBT Agenda? Parental Resistance Grows

Overcoming LGBT Influence in Ontario Catholic Schools

In a surprising move that has brought relief to pro-family advocates, an Ontario Catholic school board just north of Toronto has voted against flying the gay “pride” flag atop its schools during the month of June. As Canadians increasingly protest the LGBT agenda in the education system, the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) trustees voted 6-4 against raising the pro-LGBT flag, much to the satisfaction of concerned parents. This decision marks a rare instance of resistance against the influence of the LGBT lobby in society.

Concerned Parents Make Their Voices Heard

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a prominent pro-family advocacy group, has been actively campaigning against the flying of the pride flag at YCDSB. Jack Fonseca, a representative from CLC, expressed gratitude towards the parents and Catholic ratepayers who passionately expressed their concerns to the trustees. Fonseca emphasized that without their involvement, the vote might have taken a different course. He went on to express disappointment in the four trustees who voted in favor of attacking Christian teachings on marriage and family, asserting that they should be ashamed and refrain from presenting themselves for Holy Communion. Fonseca also expressed the organization’s intent to collaborate with local parents to remove these trustees from office at the earliest opportunity.

Mixed Reactions and Angry Protests

The decision to reject flying the pride flag was met with cheers from the crowd, but not without dissent. Some individuals shouted angrily in protest and had to be escorted out of the meeting by YCDSB security. Despite this, supporters of the decision, such as Myles Vosylius, a former student at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, Ontario, celebrated the board’s choice. Vosylius took to Twitter to express his joy, stating, “The Cross represents all!”

Ongoing Resistance and Growing Support

This recent victory for faithful Catholics in the York region is just one example of the resistance against the LGBT agenda in Ontario’s education system. While many Catholic school boards have yielded to pressure from LGBT activists and will be flying pride flags in June, parents are increasingly fighting back. In a notable protest earlier this month, hundreds of predominantly Muslim students stayed home from school when their institutions raised the pride flag. This display of parental opposition is not limited to absenteeism alone. Parents have also begun speaking out against the promotion of the LGBT agenda within schools.

In the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB), Wendy Ashby, a pro-LGBT trustee, resigned after over 3,000 parents petitioned for her removal. The power of parental involvement and united action was clearly demonstrated, leading to tangible change within the education system. Additionally, a group of young Canadians staged a protest against a school-sponsored drag queen event in Toronto last month, shedding light on the growing discontent among concerned citizens.

Continuing the Fight

In light of the recent victory against flying the pride flag at YCDSB, Campaign Life Coalition is calling on parents to keep their children home from school on June 1 as a form of protest against other schools that choose to raise the flag. Fonseca encourages parents across the country to maintain the pressure, urging them to stand firm in their beliefs and values. This unified effort by parents is vital to ensure that their concerns are heard and respected by the education system.


The decision of the York Catholic District School Board to reject flying the pride flag represents a significant victory for pro-family advocates and concerned parents. It underscores the importance of active parental involvement in shaping the education system and upholding its values. While challenges persist, the growing resistance against the LGBT agenda in Ontario’s schools demonstrates that a united front can bring about meaningful change.

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