Promoting Inclusivity: Menstruation Kits Now Required in Men’s Bathrooms at Federal Workplaces

To promote inclusivity, menstruation kits will be required in men’s bathrooms at all federal workplaces, including military bases.

Beginning December 15, all federally regulated workplaces and military installations across Canada must provide menstruation kits in men’s bathrooms, according to a directive issued by Employment and Social Development Canada.

According to the directive, menstruation is a normal bodily process and it is important for the well-being of Canadians to have access to menstrual products like pads and tampons. These products allow individuals who menstruate to actively participate in the workforce and society as a whole.

The latest guidelines require that both male and female restrooms be equipped with menstrual products. This applies to all gender-specific, gender-neutral, and gender-inclusive bathrooms, ensuring that everyone has access to these essential items.

It further stated that providing unfettered entry to menstrual products helps ensure the safety and comfort of employees who menstruate, allowing them to freely use restroom facilities that align with their gender identity.

According to the requirements, employers are obligated to ensure the provision of a designated container for the disposal of menstrual products. It is necessary to have a disposal container in every restroom with a single toilet, and in restrooms with multiple toilets, each toilet stall must have its own disposal container.

Ironically, the directive defines menstrual products as tampons “inserted into the vagina when menstruating, with or without an applicator” and pads which “absorb menstrual fluids by affixing to underwear during menstruation.” It fails to explain why these products would be used by men.

Already, some Canadian military bases have enforced the mandate, according to Veterans 4 Freedom, a human rights advocacy and veteran community group


“Exciting news for our male service members! You can now find menstrual products in the washrooms of all Canadian Forces Bases.”

“Why is everyone quitting the CAF?” the group sarcastically asked.

In recent years, federally regulated workplaces have become increasingly woke, forcing the LGBT ideology on their employees.

The transgender rights bill was approved by the Senate of Canada in 2017. This bill includes the addition of “gender expression” and and “gender identity” to both Canada’s Human Rights Code and the hate crime section of the Criminal Code.

Months later, Canada’s federal public servants were forced to take a mandatory feminist “gender equality” course or face unspecified consequences.

In 2018, Canadian Government employees tasked with connecting citizens to government services were told they can no longer refer to those citizens as “sir,” “madam,” or any other gender-specific term while doing so.

Pushing the LGBT agenda has now become the norm for govement organizations, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In June 2023, Trudeau once again attended the “pride” flag raising ceremony on Parliament, allowing the flag to be flown from Canada’s capital.

In the summer of 2023, Elections Canada, the supposedly unbiased body responsible for overseeing federal elections in Canada, raised eyebrows by hoisting the rainbow-colored flag symbolizing LGBTQ+ pride at their central location in Ottawa. This move prompted many Canadians to wonder about the agency’s allegiances.

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3 thoughts on “Promoting Inclusivity: Menstruation Kits Now Required in Men’s Bathrooms at Federal Workplaces

  1. You are going to traumatize and annoy readers, but since you need to vex people who would rather think of something more optimistic, pro-active and nation building, look at :
    Now that is contrast eh, hmmm, people need options, the status quo does not work except for the burnout of the nation.
    thanks for the great censored and suppressed website links that nobody talks about.
    as for the military, its probably top secret that someone is keeping tabs on all that bs and added to the national security threats database…that is rumoured to exist…but has never been proven…or published anywhere,

    oh look something more pro-active for Nation Defence that actually involves the Defence Mission, amazing:

    Apparently, we can imagine, at least some people can imagine, that the real nationalist and patriot ex military are in on Battlegroup 301, even President Trump never made a speech like that anywhere, nobody in any political party in Canada either, mind you, nobody talks about made in Canada either, so like we have a problem, and hopefully somebody is going to fix it, it would take a lot of moral courage, knowing the problems with the chain of command which should be resident righteous, not resident evil.

    Ok, I’m going back to the bunker…the apple barrel in the bunker, I need my safe space….sniff sniff

  2. Yes, many times people say or write, if not us, then who, if not now, then when,
    as far as inclusivity goes, it is weird how cultural genocide, sexual genocide, post modernism, cultural marxist etc et all, are all promoted, along with imbecile ideology, and that we need to tolerate that perversion and genocide, along with treason the ultimate badge of honour…there are no limits to stupidity, along with the ridiculous war against anyone who talks about XX and XY chromosomes, and yet there have been zero people born from males, and billions from females. The question is, like the statement, follow the science…really, any comment on biology, like XX & XY chromosomes? Eh? Yet there it is, evidence, in every cell in the human body, follow the science or in reality, the trail to their bank account for super imposition of perversion on society would be a better indicator than follow the science. If it was the science, we could start with who, what, where, when, why, how, in addition to a scientific experiment, instead of a dumbed down social engineering mind control orchestrated by the doers of the protocols that represent total war and genocide and are actually enemy combatants, enemies foreign and domestic, in addition to being national security threats, which has absolutely zero business being in the armed forces or government for that matter. Of course nobody want to know what the straight white person has to say, much less nationalist, as they simply can’t deal with all the superior reasoning power, logic, intuition, inspiration and the creator God’s superior moral code and the bible, that God in fact did make male and female.

    Weird also how you can have pride month, and only a minute for veterans of Remembrance Day, or that you can have the government of Canada spending $40 million to fight looking after homeless or wounded Veterans, and yet have billions for the perverted alphabet gang, or even more billions to send to Ukraine, one of the most perverted criminal and immoral places on the planet, not to mention the bio-weapons labs conveniently destroyed by Russia, that is mind boggling, anyone care to comment? What about all the drag story people being one of the 80,000 protected pedophiles in Canada, evidently taking over political parties, they don’t vote against or make laws against that perversion do they? Insolent mayors and council who state, “We don’t tolerate hate” yes, you tolerate pedophiles doing drag story in public libraries, along with a educational propaganda mind control system engaged in perversion and genocide. They don’t tolerate straight white heterosexual relationships do they? They tolerate sexual and cultural genocide? They tolerate resident evil, not resident righteous, they tolerate total stupidity of sexual self identification for men to participate in women’s sports, go to their washrooms and prison cells, yes, we know all about their tolerance, yet their tolerance for real family values or true values is non existent, they do not tolerate truth or facts or other opinions either, all being hate speech, so they tolerate freedom of speech by others that do not agree with them. They tolerate demon possession, witchcraft, child sacrifice, abortion, murder and total genocide…they don’t tolerate people quoting the bible, or even anything remotely scientific biology related like XX & XY either, isn’t that amazing, how is that possible, eh? Lucky for us, it is now thousands of times easier to identify the enemy and real national security threats, and apparently the incorrigible have an impossible time to stop themselves from expressing who they actually are, in fact, you will notice that for everyone, that their true colours will become self evident, like someone in the courtroom doing a total confession to the crime and doing the mile long check list of all the characteristics & personality profile, it is impossible for them not to, likewise, the same for civilized people with manners, real character and ethics, even more so those with the spirit of God, with relevance now with the current spiritual warfare going on.
    Tolerate the intolerable, respect the unrespectable, accept and promote perversion, anyone that gets in the way, fine them, jail them, kill them, destroy their life, yes, as if is not enough to do vaccine bio-weapon genocide against the Canadian Armed Forces by a Indy Hindu Minister of Defence, that sounds like diversity and inclusion is alive and well, or rather dead and gone…like the Canadian citizens confidence in the Canadian Armed Forces, zero. Along with brain damage, mind control, general zog and friends, there is room for improvement, and I Canada, that is the biggest room in the world…
    What is weird is that millions of Canadians already know all that…to be or not to be…
    Should any of that be on Shatner’s Weird or what? Possibly, however not going to happen in this century…

    Try that in a small town…

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